Hello, In this post I will talk about freester and a few other cool, cheap, free super awesome online offers. What better time to save some money than for the holidays right? The first one is for the website Freester. click on the offer you want, maybe you want a voucher for walmart or perhaps Target works better for you. 

Like I mention in the video, This site has some great deals going on, the best being the $25 vouchers. Each month that you’re a member you get to pick a voucher, how awesome is that?? I say pretty darn awesome. They also offer identity protection and roadside assistance…I haven’t checked out that section but just sign up, get in on the vouchers and explore the site for yourself :)

This second offer…or offers, depending on what Gap company you prefer. It can be Banana Republic, Gap or Old Navy. like I explain or show in the video, you buy $39 worth of stuff at these stores (one by one of course not a mix of) and you get $50 restaurant.com gift card! the sweetest thing…wow pooh whoa…the sweetest thing about this deal is that you can re-register after your purchase each time and get more free gift cards! just make sure you read the details, they don’t accept outlet store purchases or w/ store gift or credit cards (you know the ones issued by gap).

There are many ways to get good deals online, I’ll do the searching and will post here on my blog. Try these free ones, although i think freester might be a dollar or so…come on, you have a dollar right? lol. anyways, I’ll probably post some that require you to sign up for a free trial like the audible banner on the side there ==> and others that are not free but that are totally awesome and worth your money. The reason is that I would love to get info on deals like these, so I scratch your back and you let me know of any you know :) even if you don’t I’ll still scratch your back…

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how to make money with surveys!


Yes thats right, I’m gonna tell you how to make money for completing surveys online. Some of these pay money per survey and others give you points towards a cash reward, while others let you earn points for rewards such as gift cards, movie tickets etc…

 photo 44707-468x60_zpseb92c1ed.gif

The thing with most of these is that you have to be patient and If the topic of the survey doesn’t interest you, you might feel like not finishing lol but they try to screen you so that you’ll at least get surveys that are relevant to your interests. Another thing to consider is time, make sure you allocate time just to fill out surveys each day…and focus on ones that pay most or give the most points.

 photo clixsense_gpt468x60a_zpsfe0dc9e2.png

This post just focuses on how to make money with surveys but there are many ways that you can easily make money online, check out my other posts to check other offers I have posted. Some people feel bad or guilty and feel that they have to work hard to make money but If you need money and don’t take advantage of offers like these, someone else will…

With most of these offers that help you learn how to make money, there is some sort of referral incentive. What I have encountered is that acquaintances and family tend to think that the only reason you are letting them know of these offers is just for your own benefit. Folks, my focus in online marketing is to get my word out to the masses, to everyone including people I have never met…the only reason why i share is because I want to help all that need help, as little as it might be…Well back to the topic of how to make money ;) If you have the time, the need or just the curiosity try these out and hopefully you can earn some money! :)

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Que es Empower Network?


Si has oído hablar de Empower Network?

Que tal de blog o blogear? Hice este video para enseñarte que es lo que es Empower Network, y te lo enseño sin esconder nada, empiezo mi sesión en la pagina para que veas exactamente lo que es. Una plataforma para blogear, super simple, no tienes que tener ningún conocimiento para empezar tu primer blog. 

Pero este blog que estas leyendo y el video no son para enseñarte a blogear o a comenzar un blog…aunque tengo buenas noticias en lo que respecta a eso, pero es para darte una idea de lo que es Empower Network y las posibilidades que te da para poder ganar dinero desde tu casa, se puede hacer todo tu trabajo desde tu computadora!

El detalle de Empower Network es que todavía no traduce sus programas or videos de entrenamiento al español. Las buenas noticias son que nuestro equipo ya tiene muchísimos recursos, videos de entrenamiento e información disponibles en español! :D ya en nuestro equipo ay gente de diferentes países de Latinoamerica y eso gracias a los recursos que ya tenemos para ti. Como puedes ver en el video, el líder de nuestro equipo ya ha traducido y hasta añadido videos con la información que necesitas para comenzar.

Si ay algo en el video que no explique, si tienes preguntas todavía, ponlas en la sección de abajo, con mucho gusto las contestare, pero ponte a pensar en las cosas de tu presente negocio o falta de, que es lo que mas te frustra? estas cansado de tratar de convencer a la gente a que compre uno de tus productos? estas cansado y odias tu trabajo? quieres un trabajo, has aplicado a miles de ellos sin suerte? por que no aprender hacer todo desde el internet? porque no simplificar tu vida?

Espero que reciban valor de este blog,

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why should I be a blogger?


What to do as a blogger

a blogger blogs ;) What is a blog? the dictionary defines it as a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis. It really isthat simple, you record your opinions or someone else’s opinions about a topic or niche that you love, have a passion for or an expertise on or it can just be about your primary business, online or not. 

A friend I was talking to about blogging asked, “so why should I become a blogger? What’s in itfor me?” And believe me, that is one of the first questions I asked myself too prior to starting to blog. Now that I have been blogging regularly for some time I see the vast potential this has..Not just to make money but to reach people in the niche you are in. If you want to help people blogging will help you do that. 

Facebook and social media are a great way to reach people but it is only a really small fraction of what the internet is! I know, everyone and their mom is on Facebook, even my mom…lol, but once you start blogging, especially with Empower Network, you will see through their training just how little social media is compared to the many other ways you have online to reach the people you are trying to reach. My mind continues to be BLOWN as I progress in my online marketing training.

The video I posted on here is just one of the many ways to make money online, and perhaps the easiest but even with how easy as it is if I am unable to reach people to show them about this then there is no point in working online. So you can either go look for the resource all over the internet and spend thousands to find them, Or you can get the help of the internet king ;D

 photo internet-king_zpsb3ee19b3.gif

but seriously tho, the people giving the training in Empower Network have already done that for you, they have been on the internet for decades! they know what works and what doesn’t work. Well I’ll say this over and over, If you want your business to grow and if you want multiple sources of income, become a blogger, and why not do it the easy way with EN? If you’re already working from home and you are not looking for multiple sources of income then I think you need some loose screws up there, lol, even the people making millions a year get their income from multiple sources…

Hope you enjoyed this one, With Love,

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Hola Amigos que son parte de Empower Network!

Aqui les regalo un tutorial de como diseñar la cabecera de su blog usando adobe photoshop. lo hice lo mas simple posible, es mi primer video de enseñanza, asi que tengan un poco de paciencia pero les aserguro que si aprenderan :)

Si tienen cualquier pregunta, porfavor escribanme abajo en los mensajes.

An for all my English speaking friends I'm considering making it in english but I need to know that people want to see it, let me know in the message and I'll see how many people would like an english tutorial :)

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